Books in the collection

Beginners guide to computer programming, Brice Ward, Tab Books (ISBN: 1125459972 July 1971)
Has a total of 65 pages on models 208 and 808.

Computer Technicians Handbook, Brice Ward, Tab Books (220 MB)  (ISBN 0-8306-1554-7, 1971)
The first part, 217 pages, is a general introduction to computers and to digital circuits. The second part, 218 pages. is devoted to describing the PDC 808. There is probably enough information there to enable the building of a replica.

    N.B. The scanned document only contains the second part.

Assembly Level Programming for Small Computers, Walter J. Weller, Lexington Books (ISBN 0-669-00049-3, July 1976)
Uses the instruction set found on "Alpha" series machines for all examples.