Notes on Pertex D33xx disk drives.

Pertec-project objectives

If you have any information that you wish to share, or drives or other hardware to sell or give away, please e-mail me. I will be most grateful!


There seems to have been four different models of these disks, each of which came in two different rotational speeds:

Model number
D 331X
25 MBit
D 332X
50 Mbit
5440 + fixed platter
D 333X
25 MBit
D 334X
50 MBit
2315 + fixed platter

The "X" in the model is "1" for 1500 RPM and "2" for 2400 RPM.

The 3000 series is describes a a "new series" in a hardware catalogue for 1974/75.

Disk controllers

The Disk Formatter

From sales material I gather that these drives came more or less without any controlling electronics.
There was an external unit called a Disk Formatter, which according to the sales material:
The Disk Formatter was in one end connected to a add-on card in the computer and in the other end to the disk drives.

Part number are unknown.

Internal disk controllers

The Disk Formatter was later replaced by disk controllers cards in the computer.

For the LSI-2 there was at first a full size card, and later a half size card.

Part number are unknown.